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Course of Mechanical Engineering

Salient Features Of The Diploma Programme In Mechanical Engineering

1. Name of the Programme : Diploma Programme in Mechanical
2. Duration of the Programme : Three years (Six Semesters)
3. Entry Qualification : Matriculation or equivalent as
prescribed by State Board of Technical Education, J&K
4. Intake : 40/60 (or as prescribed by the Board)
5. Pattern of the Programme : Semester Pattern
6. Ratio between theory and practice : 50 : 50 (Approx.)
7. Industrial Training:
Four weeks of industrial training is included after IV semester during summer vacation. Internal assessment out of 50 marks and external assessment out of another 50 marks will be added in 5th semester. Total marks allotted to industrial training will be 100.

Distribution of Marks:

Daily diary and reports of training 50 Marks
Viva Voce (External) 50 Marks
8. Ecology and Environment:
As per Govt. of India directives, an awareness camp on Ecology and Environment has been incorporated in the scheme.
9. Entrepreneurship Development:
An Entrepreneurial Awareness Camp and a full subject on Generic Skill and Entrepreneurship Development has been incorporated in the scheme.
10. Personality Development:
A personality development awareness camp has been included in the 5th semester.
11. Student Centred Activities:
A provision of 3-4 hrs per week has been made for organizing Student Centred Activities for overall personality development of students. Such activities will comprise of co-curricular activities like extension lectures, library studies, games, hobby clubs e.g. photography, painting, singing, seminars, declamation contests, educational field visits, N.C.C., NSS, Cultural Activities, Civil Defence/Disaster Management activities etc.


Employment Opportunities For Of Diploma Holders In Mechanical Engineering

The following are the major employment opportunities for diploma holders in Mechanical Engineering:

  • In manufacturing industry primarily in private sector and to some extent in public sector
  • In service sector like Railways, Hospitals, Military Engineering Services, Boards and Corporations, Construction Companies, Transportation Departments, Telecommunication, PWD and Rural Development Agencies.
  • In marketing sector for sales and after- sales services
  • As an entrepreneur

Though the diploma holders in Mechanical Engineering find placement in all functional areas like R&D, planning, shop floor production, quality control, inventory management but majority of them find employment in shop floor management.

Competency Profile of Diploma Holders in Mechanical Engineering

Keeping in mind the employment opportunities, a diploma holder in Mechanical Engineering should have following competencies:

  1. Skills in preparing, interpreting Mechanical Engineering drawing, and able to prepare part/spare drawings from existing available sample.
  2. Understanding about various forms, characteristics, testing, usage and standards of various types of materials used in Mechanical Engineering industry and advances in the field of materials.
  3. Well versed with basic production processes, tools and equipment including use of high-tech machines, CNC machines and PLC (programmable Logic Control) machines for increased productivity and quality.
  4. Knowledge regarding various measuring instruments and skill of operating instruments and inspection techniques.
  5. Knowledge about quality management techniques and skill in implementing quality control tools.
  6. Understanding regarding procedures for installation, erection, layout, testing and maintenance of machines/equipment.
  7. Preparing process schedules, material schedule and manpower schedules.
  8. Knowledge and skills in the operation and maintenance of various plant facilities like material handling equipment and operating facilities.
  9. Knowledge and skills to maintain suitable records of production and services analyze operational efficiency and cause of waste and take remedial action.
  10. Competencies in carrying out work study planning and knowledge of plant layout, material handling especially movement of material on the shop floor and work-in-process.
  11. Competency in problem solving in various functional areas may it be prototype development, diagnostic and faultfinding or repair and maintenance of plant and equipment.
  12. Conducting survey and collection of feedback/data from customers/users regarding performance of products and preparation of test/survey reports, their analysis and presentation.
  13. Knowledge and skills in communication, interpersonal relations and basic skills in management.
  14. Knowledge about Quality Management systems like ISO, Quality Systems, Technical Specifications.
  15. Understanding regarding labour management and awareness regarding Laws and Acts related to labour welfare, environment, health and safety.
  16. Knowledge about effluents and pollution and methods to control pollution.
  17. Skills in making use of computers for different types of applications in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
  18. Appreciation regarding leadership, team building and coordinated functioning for achieving desired targets.
  19. Continued learning skills for problem solving.
  20. Knowledge and skills in applied sciences so as to develop scientific temper and their applications in technology subjects and as a foundation for continued learning.
  21. Knowledge and skills in Engineering Sciences like material sciences, Engineering Graphics, Applied Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, which are pre-requisite to understand technology subjects.
  22. Appreciation of appropriate attitudes and values.
  23. Awareness regarding facilities and support system to promote entrepreneurship.

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